She Wants To Start A Blog

A photographer-friend posts her photos once in a while in Facebook. She is actually a very good photographer and could earn some money from her photos. However, she prefers it as a hobby not as a source of income. She had fun with Facebook for a while but wanted to start a blog as not all the people she knows have Facebook account. I thought she was actually joking when she asked me on how do it but was amused and happy to see that she got her blog running after bugging me continuously for a week.

 The websites I gave helped her a lot in getting her blog up and running. She is lucky that there are now websites and blogs that really give good tips in starting a blog. When I started years ago, I relied only from a blogger-friend who patiently guided me step by step until it was all done.

 For now, she is enjoying her blog more and more and I would not be surprised if she starts thinking of selling her photos online thru her blog. After all, some photographer-friends are already doing it.