Susan Boyle Learning Disability

Poor Susan Boyle, she got her hands full when she got into Britain’s Got Talent show. News have been circulating that Susan Boyle is suffering from learning disability after allegedly crying for 24 hours due to her loss in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent show. Days prior to the finals, she was said to be behaving erratically and have shown temper towards the media who have been following her around.

I really think that she only needs some break from the limelight. She has been living a relatively ordinary life prior to getting into the said talent show and now that she has become a celebrity, she would need a lot of adjustments in her life and sometimes, media frenzy over her makes things difficult for her to do just that.

According to Dailymail.co, Susan Boyle’s doctors said that she will need to be in Priory for weeks for rest and observation.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

i agree.. i think she nees a break...

Tita Beng said...

Susan Boyle had been through an abrupt change in her personal and social life. She really needs the much needed rest.