Music Monday#9 Ben by Michael Jackson and Jackson 5

Inspite of his past major mistakes, bizarre behaviors, financial collapse and eventual ostracization from society, nobody can deny that Michael Jackson has the enormoous talent and once had the charisma to entertain thousands and thousands of people all over the world. He was part of my childhood music memories and my rebellious teenage angst; and it was just saddening to know that he died sooner.

This song is one of the earliest songs that I heard from Michael Jackson and it really reminded me of my childhood. It is entitled "Ben", an all-time favorite of mine from Michael Jackson and his brothers.

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
Ill never be alone
And you my friend will see
Youve got a friend in me
(youve got a friend in me)

Ben, youre always running here and there
(here and there)
You feel youre not wanted anywhere
If you ever look behind
And dont like what you find
Theres something you should know
Youve got a place to go
(youve got a place to go)

I used to say, I and me
Now its us, now its we
(I used to say, I and me)
(now its us, now its we)

Ben, most people would turn you away
I dont listen to a word they say
They dont see you as I do
I wish they would try to
Im sure theyd think again
If they had a friend like ben
(a friend)
Like ben
(like ben)
Like ben

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AbBy said...

wow, im thinking the same thing...music monday should be abt mj...sa tinood lang nagka goosebumps ko when i knew namatay na siya...ug bankrupt hapit na...unsaon na lang...yes mam, koreanovela fan kaau..why man?

Mariuca said...

Hola! Thanks for checking out my MM selection, MJ will be missed all over the world, such a tragic death sigh! Hugs all around and happy MM! :):):)

illusionaire said...

This is the second MJ "Ben" song I've seen on MM today, and also the second time I will say: "I've never heard of this song before but I love it!".

Maybe I've heard it before when I was a kid, but as of now, I don't remember.

Will miss him a lot!!! :-(

KAT said...

Great choice for MM! I remember him back in those days...so young, and so different looking.

I most like him when he was in his Thriller stage...then he got too weird for me..

Thank you for stopping by my blog!
I will be back next Monday to see what choice you have selected.

Take care,

All2Read said...

Thank you for sharing this, though the quality is not that great.
I also heard this song for the first time.

Ane Fallarme said...

I love this song! I don't know a lot of MJ songs, and I didn't know the title of this song until my hubby asked me to listen to MJ's cd's.. :D

Sorry for dropping by so late! but Happy MM! :)

Jeanny said...

My favorite too.He has such a great talent, really incomparable!