What Were You Thinking, Nicole?

Yes, our justice system is slow and sometimes, prejudiced against the poor and common people and oh yes, sometimes one wonders if it’s really for the Filipino people and not for some “friendly” ally-country. Yes, there is something much to be desired from our supposed-lawmakers and law implementors but Nicole….

Why did you receive a measly P100,000.00 or the equivalent of $2,068.00 just to recant your statement against US serviceman and convicted rapist, Daniel Smith? How and why did you get to immigrate to the United States of America, the native land of your “rapist’? Have you not thought the repercussions of these actions not only in the case against Daniel Smith but also how these actions of yours be perceived by the international community, most especially, the US government?

Nicole..Nicole…where is your shame? You felt guilty, you said. You felt guilty that you may have falsely encouraged the poor, sex-starved US serviceman in thinking that you want more than drinking and seductive dancing from him. But Nicole, you should have known that in going public with your accusations, you were going against something big. You knew that. Your lawyers made sure you knew that. Several groups that helped you along the way knew that but you were steadfast with your convictions. They all believed you. We all did. We all stood behind you. We rallied and prayed for you. The courts of law studied, evaluated, debated your case thoroughly before coming up with the decision, and all the while you were steadfast with what you said and now…

You made us all look like fools. Worse, you just confirmed the accusations of a lot of Americans who did not know better that a lot of Filipinos are dollar-crazed, American visa-hungry people. You could have chosen any country like Italy where your brother is supposed to be.

Where in the world was your dignity? I read somewhere that we went to the same college. Oh boy, you just made our school a huge disfavor for that action.

What were you thinking, Suzette Nicolas. I am sorry to tell, that is one huge stupidity and disfavor you did for your country and your countrymen.

Good luck to your endeavors in the land of milk and honey. I heard, life’s tougher there now than here in the Philippines.


bingskee said...

almost the same sentiments i aired..

jeanny said...

sigh!!!!What on earth happens to her. I am so disappointed...tsk!!!

gwafa aketch said...

i am not happy about this.. during the trial it was the "people of the republic of the philippines against the acused" kind of thing.. now people of the republic of the philippines looks stupid.. what really made her do that thing?

bariles said...

Life is so hard now that people are forced to sell their pride and dignity.

I can't blame Nicole but this government who pushed us all into the brink of despondency and despair.

Haaay na lang....

Nice post marites. Magandang Gensan!

Lalaine said...

kakahiya kaya yung Nicole na yun... ewan kung anu balak nun!

Jay - agent112778 said...

on my personal view:

she did not accepted the 100,000 pesos to recant her statements. she accepted it because its a payment for (moral) damages {Daños perwicios)

i guess, i hope im wrong, she recanted for a hidden (out of court) settlement. for what amount? i dont know, but, i guess and still i hopping im wrong, its enough for her to forget her ordeals and nightmares