March 28 is Earth Hour Day

I cannot stay longer facing the computer for days now. No thanks to my stubborn stiff neck. I had it since this Monday. So far, this has been the most difficult stiff neck I have ever had. The muscle spasm on my right neck just gets me gritting in pain sometimes. Coupled with intermittent throbbing headaches and the slight fever the other day (which freaked me out, by the way), this stiff neck episode disturbed the entries I planned to post here for this week. But, with stiff neck or not, this post is going to get out to encourage you people to participate tomorrow.

Manifestations of global warming are everywhere. Extreme changes of weather, higher frequencies and intensities of earthquakes, species extinction, drastic changes in agricultural yields are just some of the results of global warming. If we do not take action soon, it can be too late for us. Rich or poor nations are getting affected. So, this is not just for me or for you but for everybody.

There is so much to be done to arrest the results of global warming but tomorrow (March 28) at 830-930 in the evening, let us switch all the lights off. This is to help save the earth from global warming. The earth is slowly dying because of man’s carelessness and greed. It has given us life but we have been neglecting it terribly. With earth hour, we can at least let the earth rest even for just an hour from centuries of abuse and neglect.

Let us participate and encourage others to do so. We only have one earth.


Mercblogger said...
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AbBy said...

I tried to tell my mom about the earth hour and she thought mag brown out! hahahah...i told her na it's our choice to make patay our ilaw and she said basta daw ako magpaypay sa mga bata...waaaa...in the end wa na lang ko namugos, kapoy magpaypay, isa bya ka oras.heheheh