Vision On The Education Development Of The Philippines

4.Professionalized educational system and minimized politics inside the educational structure. The educational structure of our country is beset with so much political tentacles that reports revealed that our educational system is one of the most messy and corrupt department in the government.

5.Lesser brain drain. Our country is losing a lot of money spending millions and millions for the education of its people when a lot of them migrate to other countries spending their most productive years in their host countries. Programs should be implemented that will strictly require people to spend (especially those who graduated as government scholars) at least 5 productive years in the country before being allowed to go and work abroad.

6.Bilingual educational system and better love of our country to be incalculated early in the minds of young children. No country will ever develop properly with lesser love of its own heritage. Unfortunately, colonial mentality is so ingrained in our psyche that we are willing to lose learning our native tongue in favor of acquiring American or British slang for better opportunities to work abroad. Our Asian neighbor-countries were able to rise up as giant world economies using their native tongues, why can’t we?

7.Better access to education. This is not only thru the government’s free education from elementary to high school level but also thru the help of the private sector by providing more scholarship programs or easier study-now-pay-later schemes that will help pay for the tuition fees.

8.Better population control. For such a small country, we are on the top 20 of world’s most populated countries which is not only draining our resources but also exacerbate the decline of our educational system. While this is a touchy issue due to the Church’s intervention on the population control programs of the government, I believe that the government should not stop in continuing with their programs.

Education in the Philippines has so much issues to be tackled with but I believe that to be able to achieve better education quality, Filipinos should work hand in hand for the future generation .


Education in the Philippines Forum said...

I agree with five of your eight points, have reservations for two, and strongly disagree with the last one. As a professional teacher though, I'd like to comment on point no. 3.

I am all for increasing teachers' competence and I am aware that there are a lot of incompetent teachers in the field. However, this should be looked at in the proper context, and the truth is, our public school teachers, who are the backbone of the Philippine educational system, are grossly underpaid and immorally overworked. How can we expect these teachers to get PhD's, or even finish masters degrees, if they don't have enough resources to do that?

This is why I am starting an online petition to the House of Representatives for the passage of their counterpart bill to Senate Bill 2408, which would increase the salary of public school teachers by PHP 9,000.

I would also like this opportunity to invite you to the Education in the Philippines Forum - an online forum on discussions related to Philippine education.