Vision On The Education Development Of The Philippines

It is almost at the end of the school year again and hotter days are starting to lord it over again. For the newly graduates of this year, life outside school is starting. It is common knowledge that better education facilitates better opportunities in life.

I don’ t know why, but I have so much interest in the way the Philippine education development is going. Perhaps, it’s because I grew up with my parents giving so much importance in education more than wealth or sometimes, even more than health. Or perhaps, it’s because when I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher; and now, I still find it a noble profession even if the current perception of the most of the present generation of Filipinos think otherwise. Thus, it is with a lot of trepidation for me to see the current state of the education in the Philippines.

What is education for me? What are my visions on its development?

The word “education” is derived from the Latin word “educare” which means to nurture, to raise. For me, education goes beyond learning or teaching something but instead, it is about having or developing knowledge, positive wisdom and judgment that helps facilitate the full realization of an individual. Education is considered the great equalizer. For an individual who has a better educational background will have better opportunities in his/her life compared to an individual with lesser educational background. For a country to develop properly, its population’s educational demographics contribute a lot in its economy.

A lot of people consider the education development in the Philippines on the decline compared to our Asian contemporaries which is a surprise considering that Philippines was on the top 5 among Asian countries during the 1950-1960s as well as having a population with higher literacy rate and higher English proficiency.

My vision for education development in the Philippines are:

1. More ladderized courses that will facilitate the students’ early earning power opportunities. Ladderized courses in technical and vocational courses have already been started by the government but there should be more courses to be offered in the future. Ladderized educational program will have lesser waiting period time as students will graduate early (6 mos to 2 years) compared to the usual 4-year courses and can earn early which will contribute to the our country’s economy development.

2. More technical and vocational courses that will address the mismatch of the students’ acquired skills upon graduation to the available job opportunities. A country does not need all the accountants and managers but it will also need people who has the skills to build, to operate, to invent and to manufacture, etc.

3. Increasing the teachers’ proficiency and qualifications thru mandatory required graduate studies, trainings and seminars that will help contribute in a better quality of teaching.

...to continue...


Nortehanon said...

"...better education facilitates better opportunities in life">>> I very much agree with you in this because I am an example of this truth. I come from a humble family. But my parents instilled in me and my siblings the value of education. Had I not finished college, I probably wouldn't have gotten a job that paved the way for me to help my other siblings finish college, too.
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Sandi McBride said...

Oh yes, that statement (Better education facilitates better opportunities in life) is so much the truth! Coming from a family of teachers and doctors, the first thing we learned was to read at very early ages. Even my own sons were already reading at age three and four. Ever notice that the first thing that dictators want to dissolve are the schools of higher learning for the masses? Great post! Keep on teaching!!! Thanks for coming in to my place and leaving such wonderful comments...and Pye is doing much better now, ears all well, and the King of all he sees...