A Nation of Servants(?)

After reading Bariles’ saved controversial article by Chinese journalist Chip Tsao, I can only cluck my tongue and shake my head in disbelief. People like Chip Tsao makes the world more complicated and sadly, chaotic.

For somebody who professes to be a journalist, Tsao demonstrated such despicable attitude way below his supposed knowledge and experience. He is a shameful representative of what journalism should be. His remarks are actually quite infantile, sad to say.

Tsao may not have realized it but the hand that rocks the cradle is more powerful than the master himself. He has a Filipina domestic helper in his home that is likely running his house for him, preparing their meals, taking care and probably, helps and contributes in the molding of the minds of his children. What happens if the very people he considers mere servants are the very people behind the future generation of masters. I would like to see that irony someday and wipe off the smirk out of the chinky-eyed pathetic Tsao.

As of this writing, the infamous article has been taken-off HK online site (it should really never have been published, in the first place).


Superman said...

Should give some respect to the workers as well. Actually the Filipina domestic worker is innocent. What is it to do with her? I think Chip Tsao should not throw it out on her. She just come and work to get money.

Titania said...

Sadly racism and arrogance is deeply rooted in some people.

Yarn Hungry Piggett said...

I find that the even some of the most educated and highly intelligent folks have no common sense.

The article writer (don't even have my respect to utter his name, or consider him a journalist for that matter) is like a bully. A bully, being, he cannot fight someone of his own caliber (or a bigger, stronger opponent) and so goes for the weaker, most innocent being and unleash his anger. He may feel satisfaction, but in the eyes of others, HE IS DIRT!

He has no common sense. Because once he lets go of his so-called 'servant' in retaliation, he would realize in the end, he is lost. Lost to inconvenience and cheap labor that he so happily participated in because he only pay dirt-cheap. He then will realize that doing domestic work is hard work. He now has to do them himself. Who has the last laugh? Definitely NOT the ungrateful DIRT!

Visyel said...

Hi, first of all, I'm also a Filipina, but I'm commenting here to defend Chip Tsao :)

First of all, many of us have misunderstood his article. You see, in his article, he's like Candy Pangilinan acting as Gloria Arroyo, or Tessie Tomas acting as Imelda Marcos. In Tsao's article, he acted as a Patriotic Chinese man. He showed in his article what a typical Patriotic Chinese man is. And, actually, his Filipina househelper is just also part of the scene. There's really no Louisa. It's just part of his satirical article.

You see Chip Tsao is actually on our side. If you read his article again, and put a dash of satire into it, you'll just give yourself a laugh for being mad at Tsao. :)

Marites said...

@Visyel: A satire is usually not meant to be complimentary but in most cases, insulting. That is why, it may be funny from Tsip Chao's point of view but it's not for me.