Honest Scrap Award

I got this tag from fairywinkle sometime ago and I have to apologize for posting this a little bit too late. Sorry, sorry..i have been too busy but I really like this tag though.

Honest Scrap Award Rules:

In sum, choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design to pass on this award/tag. list at least ten honest things about yourself.

1. I easily gets bored with malls that is why if a lot of people find Mall of Asia (MOA) exciting, I find it boring. I have yet to see some unique things in MOA that I have not yet seen in other malls.

2. From my friends, I expect them to be more honest and straightforward to me than talk behind my back and pretend like there is nothing wrong going on. Each time they do that, I feel betrayed.

3. I would like to do skydiving and scuba diving someday.

4. My constant wish for my country and countrymen, more discipline and free of bad politicians.

5. I keep thinking that if every Filipino exchange their texting time to more reading time, our country and our people could have done much better than its neighboring countries.

6. I worry more about my parents now than before.

7. I used to keep a journal since I was in elementary but stopped years ago when I got too busy with work. I am thinking of getting back to it again.

8. I have tons and tons of picture albums. Yes, I have some of my pictures in CDs, thumb drives, and hard disk; but I like to flip over the albums better than stare at the monitor.

9. I hate it when people expect something from me but they cannot and/or will not expect it from themselves. Where is fairness in that?

10. I wish I can do volunteer work as soon as possible, as often as I can.

Passing this fun award to:
G's Mirage
Janeth Vicy


alf said...

salamat sa award. i like the carabaos too. they look so macho. lol. happy weekend dyan.

pchi said...

agree with num 4
hay. hanggang wish na lang ba tayo?

ako rin, want to do 3


thanks for this award ate. will do this when I have time.

thanks much

earthlingorgeous said...

Thanks for the tag will do it soon :)

pchi said...

ayan, finally nagawa ko rin... after two months

Honestly, am I?