Dog vs. Superheroes

I watched both Marley and Me and the Watchmen this past weekend. The former I had so much fun watching and the latter, it was so boring that the almost 3-hour playing time was such a stretch. It actually made me wish I brought a pitcherful of coffee to keep me awake.

Marley and Me was based on the best-selling autobiographical book of John Grogan about their family dog, Marley. The movie has a lot of heart and laughs; I cannot help but feel so touched at the end of the movie.

On the other hand, the Watchmen are about superheroes burdened with human flaws and weaknesses, I wondered if they were really superheroes at all. I went in expecting a lot, even with the human flaws and such but I did not bargain getting bored with it because this is one superhero movie that action scenes are rather limited that those superheroes could have been just on their way to a costume ball party.

So, if you are looking not to get bored, go for the dog instead of the superheroes to save your day. After all, dogs are man’s best friends. Have fun with Marley!


caryn said...

loved this movie too. a must-see, especially for dog-lovers ;-)