Litratong Pinoy#24 Kadiliman (Darkness)

Kakayanin mo bang pumasok sa isang kuwebang tingin mo’y puno ng tubig, lalo pa at inaakalang madilim na madilim sa loob? Napatinag kami nang sinabi ng aming bangkero na kailangan languyin ang pagpasok sa kuwebang ito (nagbibiro ka ba, bangkero??!) Eh, napakadilim kung titingnan galing sa labas. Ngunit dahil na rin sa kanilang pagbibigay katiyakan ng aming mga bangkero na hindi ganoon kadilim ang looban ng kuweba ay dahan-dahan kaming lumangoy sa loob. Laking gulat at mangha namin nang sa pagpasok ay parang inilawan ang kuweba (siyempre pa, lumalangoy pa rin kami habang nakatunganga). Ang dahilan daw nito ay ang liwanag na nanggagaling sa labas na tumama sa tubig at dinding ng kuweba na may mga makikislap na mineral kaya parang mistikong nakailaw ang loob nito, kaya naman kinailangang tumahimik kami dahil daw kilalang engkantando ang lugar na ito. Siyanga pala, napapasok lang ang kuwebang ito tuwing pagkati ng tubig.

Kuha ang litrato sa Sohoton Cove, Socorro, Isla Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte.


Can you get inside a cave that you can see to be full of water and you thought to be quite dark inside? It took us a while to think about this after our boatman told us that we needed to swim to get inside this cave (are you kidding, boatman??) The cave looked so dark as we see it from the outside; however, with the assurance given by him that the cave was not that dark, we took the plunge and we slowly swam in.

To our amazement and surprise, the cave looked well-lighted inside when we got in. The reason for this was the light that came from outside reflected through the waters and bounced off on the shining minerals on the cave walls which gave the interior of the cave its mystical color. That is why we have to be silent as this place is also well-known for being enchanted. By the way, this cave can only be accessed during low tides.

The picture was taken in Sohoton Cove, Socorro, Isla Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte.


What would you write in your moleskine?

Toni and Avalon.ph is having a Moleskine Giveaway contest. Toni is asking this:

In this age of computers, I still bring a notebook everywhere I go. So, should I get a moleskine, I would use it write down anything that comes to my mind. I might even get back to my daily journal which I stopped some years ago.

I found about Moleskine a few months back and decided to check it in the National Bookstore. I like Moleskine’s paper quality and it is one of my must-haves this coming Christmas. Curious about Moleskine? Check out Avalon.ph.


PhotoHunt#4 Scary

This was taken on one of our mountain climbing activities. Our goal was to reach the Tudaya Falls at Kapatagan, Davao del Sur which is located by the slopes of Mt. Apo. On our first day of the climb, our group leader made us choose between the short-cut or the long-cut way to the falls. We chose the shortcut without asking much and boy! Did we regret it?

We have to get through this mountain wall which was more than 50 feet with not much foothold and has just this wood ladder to start with. When we saw this vertical mountain wall everybody balked. Who wouldn’t? It looked so scary and scarier to use because one has to start with the ladder which was really unsteady and was standing precariously at the side of the mountain wall. It was not even nailed to something nor supported by anything but was just there standing up. One wrong move on that climb through the mountain wall and the thought just always gives me the shudders.

After getting done with the mountain wall, we congratulated each other with having another lease of life. Cats with nine lives!


MBS2 Epass and Update

Finally, I got my epass yesterday for the Second Mindanao Bloggers Summit . I was starting to wonder and worry about it. Thank goodness, it is now here and I am truly excited about it. It will be my second blogging event after the Digital Filipino Club Blogging event the other day. See you all there!

Thank you for the sponsors of this exciting blogging event. Here is the updated list of gracious sponsors:

City Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.

Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio
Department of Tourism XII
ABS-CBN Regional Network Group
Bariles Republic
Gen. Santos City Tourism Association


AMA Computer Learning Center
Grab A Crab Restaurant and Coffee Club 101
Gregoria Printing Press


Asia United Bank
Family Country Hotel & Convention Center
East Asia Royale Hotel
Fine Pixel Advertising IDEAS

GenSan Sale.Com
Blogging from Home Book
Pacific Seas Seafood Market
Generals Logimark Exponent
Prints and You
Writing Edge.Com
Forest Lake San Carlos Park
Rolee Bakery & Cafe
Jehzlau Concepts
Jaypee Online.Net
Blue Media Communications
International Container Terminal Services, Inc
Shalom Wizard Academy
Dreamworld Travel and Tours
Sta. Cruz Seafoods, Inc.
Dellosa Design Build Services
Kristan Bookstore
DOLE Philippines

Husky Bus Lines
Shakey's Pizza
Family Brand Sardines
Gaisano Mall of GenSan
Chowking - KCC
Jollibee National Highway
Procter & Gamble Philis., Inc

Mega Sardinesc


Litratong Pinoy#23 Liwanag(Light)

Gandang-ganda ako ng nakita ko ang punong ito. Nag-iisang nagliliwanag sa hilera kasama ang iba pang puno. Lalong nagliwanag dahil nasisinagan siya ng araw ng dumaan kami. Kaya naman, nakisuyo ako kay mamang drayber ng dyepney na kung pwedeng huminto sandali at kukunan ko lang ng litrato ang nagliliwanag na puno.

I find this tree very beautiful. It was the only one shining bright among a line of trees. It shone more brightly because of the bright sunshine. So, I requested the jeepney driver to stop for a few seconds while I took some pictures.

Eto na siya..
Here it is...


DigitalFilipino.com and Davao Bloggers Networking Event

The Digital Filipino Club Networking Event held last night at Grand Regal Hotel along JP Laurel Ave. was a success. Our regret, we did not know that there was a free buffet dinner. So, we had eaten our dinner before going to the event and we end up drooling over the overflowing food. Nevertheless, I was amazed to see how young most of the bloggers were. Young but quite smart and driven. Here are the pictures I took:

entrance to the event

Ms. Janette Toral discussing the salient points of DigitalFilipino Club

Bloggie Robillo accepting his award for his blog, davaodeli.com

Live band after the presentation

I would like to thank Ms. Janette Toral for initiating this event and our host PAGCOR Davao for making my first blogging network event fun and memorable.

Additionally, PAGCOR Davao management showed their visual presentation regarding their contribution to the flagship programs of the government.

I cannot wait to get to the next blogging event. Kudos and more power to all!


Incomplete Blogroll

To my blogger-friends, please bear with me as I am still in the process of reencoding my blog list. I have been looking for a better option to save space (a nosebleeding activity, trust me) and the drop down menu is the best option I have seen so far. Junelle was kind enough to provide a tutorial website for the scroll down but I found the drop down menu more suited to what I want.

If your name is still not on the list, you may leave comment here as I will finish the reencoding within this week. Thanks for the patience.


PhotoHunt#3 Family

This is my family on our way to Costa Marina Beach Resort, Samal Island, Davao Province. There was a long weekend holiday and we took time off by getting to the beach early. The water was nice and there were just a handful of people around so we end up having a portion of the beach all by ourselves. Lovely!


Morning Banana Diet Frenzy in Japan

This is good news to our banana growers in Davao City and neighboring areas. Japan, whose 90% of banana source came from the Philippines, is going crazy with the Morning Banana Diet and is now gobbling tons of bananas faster than they can be replaced in the store stands.

The diet? Eating only bananas (as many as you want) and room-temperature water for breakfast to jumpstart weight loss. Eat anything for lunch and dinner until 8 pm. No deserts and bed before midnight.

According to research studies, eating breakfast will help in the pursuit of weight loss. But not only that, regulating and balancing one’s food intake is important, eating more fruits and vegetables and backed by regular exercise, weight loss is attainable.

So, am not impressed with the Morning Banana Diet. It’s just a fad. What about you?

My Blog Roll

Hi there, peeps..just realized my blog roll is missing after I change my template. I will be putting it up and your URL's one by one within this week. Please be patient with me:) Meantime, you can leave comments or check out my posts. Have a nice day.


Litratong Pinoy#22 Bago Nga Kaya? (Is it really new?)

(poste ng isa sa mga kubo sa Nayon ng Tam-awan. Translation: houseposts of one of the huts in Tam-awan Village)

Ito ang mga kubo ng Ifugao sa Nayon ng Tam-awan, Siyudad ng Baguio. Sa unang tingin, aakalaing bago ang mga kubong ito ngunit lahat ito’y mas matanda pa sa atin. Kung hindi ako nagkamali, pinakabagong kubo nila ay ginawa noong 1950. Magandang kahoy at maayos na pag-aalaga ang nakatulong kung bakit mukhang bago at maganda pa rin ang mga kubo. Kinuha sa iba’t-ibang panig ng probinsiya ng Cordillera at saka inilagay sa tabi ng gulod, ang mga kubo ay kasalukuyang pinapagamit sa mga bisita. Ang nasabing nayon ay nailunsad sa pasimuno ng sikat na magsisining ng Baguio na si BenCab. Maliban sa mga kubo, makakakita ka ng iba’t-ibang klaseng pintura at iskultura sa iba’t-ibang panig ng nayon na kanilang ipinagbibili.


These are the Ifugao huts in Tam-awan Village, Baguio City. At the first look, the huts can be mistaken as newly-built but they are actually older than us. If I am not mistaken, the newest hut was built last 1950. Good wood and diligent care helped maintain and retain the houses’ beauty. Taken from the different parts of the Cordillera Province and installed by the slopes, the huts are now being rented out to visitors. The said village was established thru the initiative of BenCab, a well-known Baguio artist. Aside from the huts, there are different paintings and sculptures that are being sold inside the village.

October’s Blogging Events

I have been blogging for several months now and have been wishing for blogging events that I could attend so that I can meet other bloggers and exchange notes with them. Now, my wish will become a reality with two blogger events coming up next week, to wit:

1. Mindanao Bloggers Summit which will be held in GenSan City this coming October 25-26, 2008.

2. Blogging Networking Event which will be held in Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City this coming October 21, 2008.

The latter has free registration and I am encouraging all bloggers or wannabe ones to register at DigitalFilipino.com. Click here for more details.


Davao bettor wins more than P131M

How does one spend the more than P131m in a lifetime? That has been our talk in the office yesterday.

I can sleep on them for a week and probably would end up not being able to sleep on every bill because it will likely look like an ocean. LOL! Oh yeah, I can buy a bank too! Maybe, pay our nation’s debt too? Nah! I would not want to give the corrupt politicians something to be happier about. One thing is sure if I win that staggering amount, at least 10% of the winnings shall all go to the charities.

The Superlotto bettor’s combination last Sunday’s draw was 42-12-46-26-49-19. The winning bettor bought his winning ticket just down the street where our office is located and it took him 20 minutes to claim his prize in Manila.

Now, I wonder if he still can sleep with all that money in the bank. By the way, I rarely bet on the lotto.


My HP Photosmart 2610 Printer

…is unrepairable. That’s what the technician said to me the other day and it really was disappointing. The said printer has been with me for just about 3 years and was really not used as often as it should be. I started doing my scanning project early this year but the project took the backseat when I got busy with blogging. When I used it again the other month to scan a pic for one of my nieces’ school project, the picture came out hazy and I just thought that the glass just needed cleaning. After a few days, I tried printing a page of my niece’s school assignment but it won’t print.

I took my printer to a HP technician and I was told that the contact point was broken down and there’s no way they can replace it nor solder back it in place. They didn’t give me any alternative and just suggested that I should buy a new one. What???


PhotoHunt #2 Lazy

This is one of our cats, Orange. He likes to eat and sleep and then, sleep and eat; an epitome of laziness. He’s playful too only after he has eaten. Of the six cats we have in the house, he’s one of the two that is closest to me. He prefers hanging out in my bedroom whenever am home and as you can see, he prefers my bed to get his catnaps; and when I was not looking, he would sneak in my bag too.


Litratong Pinoy#21 Luma (Old)

Ito ang lumang simbahan ng San Agustin, Paoay, Ilocos Norte na siguradong mas matanda pa sa mga lola at lolo natin. Inumpisahang itinayo noong 1694, sinira ng bagyo at lindol, itinayong muli at natapos noong 1894. Gawa sa korales at matitigas na bato ng tisa, apog at iba pa. Ang disenyo ng simbahan ay ipinaghalong Gotiko, Baroque, at Oriental.

Sinasabing isang metro ang kapal ng dinding at sinusuportahan naman ng makakapal na batong may disenyo na hindi mo makikita sa ibang simbahan saan man sa buong Pilipinas. Ginawang matibay na matibay ang simbahan para hindi agad masira dahil sa lindol at bagyo na laging nangyayari sa bandang lugar ito ng Luzon. Sa kalumaan nito, nagkaroon na ng mga lumot at maliliit na tanim sa pagitan ng kanyang mga dinding at harapan ng simbahan. Ang harapan ng simbahan ay may mga magagandang disenyo ng mga bulaklak na rositas, mga dahon at iba pa.

Ang simbahan na ito ay idineklara nang UNICEF na isa mga lugar ng pamana sa Pilipinas. Ang tore ng kampana ay ginamit ng mga Katipunero para sa kanilang kilos rebulosyonaryo laban sa mga Kastila at makikita sa itaas nito ang kabuuan ng bayan at iba pang karatig nito.

Mas gusto ko sana ang kapaligiran ng simbahan noong una naming punta ilang taon na ang nakalilipas dahil ang plaza sa harapan nito’y pinalilibutan ng mga matatandang puno na tingin ko’y kasingtanda ng simbahan din. Wari ko noo’y bumalik ako sa panahon ng Kastila. Kaso lang, hindi ko matanto at kung sinong baliw ang biglang pinagpuputol ang mga kawawang puno para daw mas madaling makita ang simbahan (sa laki ba naman ng simbahan, hindi pa ba makikita iyan??) ng mga turista. Sa ngayo’y mangilan-ngilan nalang ang naiwan sa mga kawawang puno.

Para sa karagdagang detalye ng simbahan, punta rito.

Translation: This is the old church of San Agustin, Paoay, Ilocos Norte which am sure is older than our grandparents. Started to be built last 1694, destroyed by earthquakes and typhoon and was rebuilt and finished last 1894. Made of corals, limestone and etc. The design of the church is a mixture of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental.

The walls were said to be one meter thick and is supported by thick wall buttresses with designs you cannot see in any churches all over the Philippines. The church was built sturdily to withstand the earthquakes and typhoons that commonly occur in this part of Luzon. Due to its old age, the spaces between its walls and the façade of the church were already covered with moss and tiny plants. The chuch’s façade has beautiful designs of rosettes, leaves and more.

This church was declared one of the UNICEF Heritage site in the Philippines.
The church’s belltower was used by the Katipuneros for their revolutionary activities against the Spaniards and one can see the entire town and its neighbors on its top floor.

I prefer the surrounding place when we first came to this place years ago because its plaza was surrounded by ancient trees which I believe were as old as the church. It gave me the feeling of getting back to the Spanish period. However, for some reason I could not fathom, some crazy lunatic decided to cut down the poor trees to let the tourists get a better view of the church (as if the church is not big enough for people not to see it!!!). As of now, there are just a few of these trees that were left unscathed.

For more details about the church, refer

Nuffnang Philippines has finally announced the 68 blogger-winners who will get P500 for writing about Nuffnang Philippines and yours truly (ahem!) is one of the lucky winners. That’s a really fun way to make money online (*grin*). Thank you so much, Nuffnang!

Here are the winners of the contest:



No eating in Boracay’s Front Beach

I saw this news about Boracay’s local government’s law on prohibiting eating in the Boracay’s front beach. This one is really good news and I will really commend the local government if they will actually implement and will be able to sustain the said implementation. I have been to Boracay several times and have been witnessed to the deterioration of the world famous beach island. Each time I get there, the feelings of horror and dismay get deeper. The island is being abused!

People really show their greed and uncaring ways to the environment just so they could fatten up their bank accounts. Restaurants and resorts are battling for space by the front beach trying to lure customers by disobeying laws/ordinances and being unmindful of the effect of their greedy actions.

Yes, the ambience is good if you eat by the beach with just candlelight to light your food but because of it, garbage presence has increased and nobody likes to clean afterwards. It would have been better if everybody could try not to make the beach and the sea their garbage disposal area but a lot of people could not care less. Oh yes, it gets worse, if some people decide to get drunk and get rowdy there and spend their time till morning. When and if the sea air have ever gotten into their brains and they realize they need to clean up after their mess, it is already too late since the garbage have already been washed away by the sea. What would the seawater carry? Plastic, glasses, bottles and what nots that can harm or even kill the marine life and uglify the beach.

Anyway, for beachgoers and who are planning to get there, would you rather forego eating on the beach and help maintain sustain Boracay’s beauty for the coming generations or would you just let it loose and just say que sera sera?


Nouveau University and Its New CEO

My mother comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Along with my cousins, my brother and me grew up helping in the stores of our relatives and at the same time, we were encouraged to get into little businesses of our own starting at young age. Eventually, most of my cousins and my brother went into their own businesses while on the other hand, I ended up getting a regular office job.

As I grow older though, I realized that there are better opportunities in being an entrepreneur than just being a regular office girl. So, I am now starting to explore and learn more about being one. Since I am working, I would prefer an online program to make it easier for me.

Recently, I came across Nouveau University that got me interested and curious. One course that I am leaning into is the Associate of Science with emphases in real estate investing considering that I have had extensive real estate exposure not only from my mother’s real estate business but also in my present line of work. They are offering online programs that are quite convenient for people who cannot find time to get into the traditional classroom and would rather do their classes thru online learning.

Founded by entrepreneur Jim Piccolo, Nouveau University was created to offer entrepreneurs and small business professionals acquire practical and solid knowledge and skills that will help them put their ideas in motion and jumpstart their chosen careers.

Recently, Nouveau University appointed a renowned leader in academic excellence. Former President of University of Phoenix Dr. Laura Palmer Noone was recently named as the Chief Executive Officer of Nouveau University. Aside from being well-known for her academic excellence, she is backed by many accolades and accomplishments; one of which was serving as vice chair and as a member of the US Department of Education’s National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity. With her extensive background and exposure, she will surely help the university propel into excellence and make real difference in people’s lives.


PhotoHunt #1 - Sad

The caretakers of the tennis court where I usually play on weekends own these dogs. On that day, the dogs were put inside an enclosure to prevent them from running around the courts while tennis players were playing. Their lady-owner was preparing their food and they could not wait long enough for it; they decided to climb up the boxes in the enclosure to peep out and at the same time, they whined so sadly as they watch their food getting prepared.


Oh no! There’s Melamine in Nestle Milk Powders too??

Me and my family members have been loyal users of Nestle products through the years. When the melamine scare broke out a few weeks ago, we started worrying about it but were reassured by Nestle’s media announcements that their products are clean of melamine.

However, the recent news of tests done in Taiwan found that small amounts of melamine in milk powders produced in China by Nestle got me starting to worry. If food giant Nestle’s products are not safe from melamine, how about the other brands? It seems that my family needs to rethink and might start buying carabao’s milk, after all.

If you want to know more about melamine found in Taiwan, check this

Litratong Pinoy#20 Kompyuter (Computer)

Ipinangako ko sa sarili noon na bibili ako ng laptop galing sa kita ko sa blogging. Lumipas ang ilang buwan pero ang mga kinita ko ay napunta sa mas importanteng mga panggasto sa bahay. Saka ko lang naalala ang pangakong iyon ng may kakilala akong ipinagbibili ang laptop ng kaibigan dahil sa kagipitan. Wala pang isang taon ang laptop na ito kaya naisip kong bilihin nalang para naman may makita akong paalala sa aking pagba-blog.

Translation: I promised to myself that I will buy myself a laptop from the money I earned from blogging. Months passed and the money I earned went to the household expenses. It was only when I remembered my promise after an acquaintance told me that his friend is selling her laptop because she needed the money. The laptop is not yet one year old so I decided to buy it for my souvenir from the money I earned from blogging.


Gotta be at the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit

I have been waiting for this. I was hoping it would be held in Davao City but of course, that opportunity happened last year. Now, it is General Santos City’s turn. It is their turn to be the venue of the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit this coming October 25-26, 2008. I have been convincing my blogger-friends to go and I sure hope they will. I hope we can get our slots. Sana…Sana..

If you are interested, check www.mindanaobloggers.com or this link immediately as there are only 50 slots left as of yesterday. Hurry!

For sure, it will be an enriching experience for any blogger and who knows, we might be able to get some nice freebies. Here are the summit’s sponsors and summit partners:


NOKIA (Philippines), Inc.

Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.

Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio

ABS-CBN Regional Network Group

Mindanao Bloggers

Bariles Republic


ACLC-Skeptron Ventures, Inc.



Family Country Hotel & Convention Center

East Asia Royale Hotel


Digital Filipino

Pacific Seas Seafood Market

Shalom-Crest Wizard Academy

Generals Logimark Exponent

Prints and You

Sta. Cruz Seafood, Inc.

Dellosa Design Builders, Inc