Nouveau University and Its New CEO

My mother comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Along with my cousins, my brother and me grew up helping in the stores of our relatives and at the same time, we were encouraged to get into little businesses of our own starting at young age. Eventually, most of my cousins and my brother went into their own businesses while on the other hand, I ended up getting a regular office job.

As I grow older though, I realized that there are better opportunities in being an entrepreneur than just being a regular office girl. So, I am now starting to explore and learn more about being one. Since I am working, I would prefer an online program to make it easier for me.

Recently, I came across Nouveau University that got me interested and curious. One course that I am leaning into is the Associate of Science with emphases in real estate investing considering that I have had extensive real estate exposure not only from my mother’s real estate business but also in my present line of work. They are offering online programs that are quite convenient for people who cannot find time to get into the traditional classroom and would rather do their classes thru online learning.

Founded by entrepreneur Jim Piccolo, Nouveau University was created to offer entrepreneurs and small business professionals acquire practical and solid knowledge and skills that will help them put their ideas in motion and jumpstart their chosen careers.

Recently, Nouveau University appointed a renowned leader in academic excellence. Former President of University of Phoenix Dr. Laura Palmer Noone was recently named as the Chief Executive Officer of Nouveau University. Aside from being well-known for her academic excellence, she is backed by many accolades and accomplishments; one of which was serving as vice chair and as a member of the US Department of Education’s National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity. With her extensive background and exposure, she will surely help the university propel into excellence and make real difference in people’s lives.