No eating in Boracay’s Front Beach

I saw this news about Boracay’s local government’s law on prohibiting eating in the Boracay’s front beach. This one is really good news and I will really commend the local government if they will actually implement and will be able to sustain the said implementation. I have been to Boracay several times and have been witnessed to the deterioration of the world famous beach island. Each time I get there, the feelings of horror and dismay get deeper. The island is being abused!

People really show their greed and uncaring ways to the environment just so they could fatten up their bank accounts. Restaurants and resorts are battling for space by the front beach trying to lure customers by disobeying laws/ordinances and being unmindful of the effect of their greedy actions.

Yes, the ambience is good if you eat by the beach with just candlelight to light your food but because of it, garbage presence has increased and nobody likes to clean afterwards. It would have been better if everybody could try not to make the beach and the sea their garbage disposal area but a lot of people could not care less. Oh yes, it gets worse, if some people decide to get drunk and get rowdy there and spend their time till morning. When and if the sea air have ever gotten into their brains and they realize they need to clean up after their mess, it is already too late since the garbage have already been washed away by the sea. What would the seawater carry? Plastic, glasses, bottles and what nots that can harm or even kill the marine life and uglify the beach.

Anyway, for beachgoers and who are planning to get there, would you rather forego eating on the beach and help maintain sustain Boracay’s beauty for the coming generations or would you just let it loose and just say que sera sera?


boracayecowatch said...

I think you are getting this wrong. Eating in restaurants will still be allowed. Only picnics get banned. So is this really good news? The greed and the over-development will not be halted by this. Why not just disallow littering, having a picnic at the beach is no crime, leaving your trash behind should be.

Me, the islands and the world said...

thanks for the clarification but personally, i would still prefer restaurants setting back more from the beach. yes, littering can be disallowed but who's monitoring? if the cat's away, the mouse plays.