PhotoHunt #1 - Sad

The caretakers of the tennis court where I usually play on weekends own these dogs. On that day, the dogs were put inside an enclosure to prevent them from running around the courts while tennis players were playing. Their lady-owner was preparing their food and they could not wait long enough for it; they decided to climb up the boxes in the enclosure to peep out and at the same time, they whined so sadly as they watch their food getting prepared.


lis said...

HI ISland, thanks for the comment..the dogs must have judged you of your tennis performance...they look like referees.

Hue said...

Helle Island,

thanks for the comment, i hope that dogs will not get inside the tennis court...three referees to judge your game.

Baker Watson said...

LOL - They do look a pitifully sad. Good to know they were getting their food soon.

(thanks for stopping by)

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my WS,the link you left for your blog at bravejournal gave me an error page.
btw, those dogs, they look really sad. :(

Filthy room said...

i like the pic, poor dgs,wahehehehe!
thanks for the visit! ure on my list now...thnks!