PhotoHunt#4 Scary

This was taken on one of our mountain climbing activities. Our goal was to reach the Tudaya Falls at Kapatagan, Davao del Sur which is located by the slopes of Mt. Apo. On our first day of the climb, our group leader made us choose between the short-cut or the long-cut way to the falls. We chose the shortcut without asking much and boy! Did we regret it?

We have to get through this mountain wall which was more than 50 feet with not much foothold and has just this wood ladder to start with. When we saw this vertical mountain wall everybody balked. Who wouldn’t? It looked so scary and scarier to use because one has to start with the ladder which was really unsteady and was standing precariously at the side of the mountain wall. It was not even nailed to something nor supported by anything but was just there standing up. One wrong move on that climb through the mountain wall and the thought just always gives me the shudders.

After getting done with the mountain wall, we congratulated each other with having another lease of life. Cats with nine lives!


witsandnuts said...

That must be so fulfilling! I've hiked before and I hardly did breathe then. But I felt good after that.

Btw, thanks for dropping by. I'll be visiting your blog again. :)

msdedi said...

that looks to be almst straight up from this angle.. fun climb!

Lalaine said...

wow... gusto ko din maghike... sana matry ko din minsan. =)

parang ang sarap ng feeling eh... :)

Sue said...

That does look scary. The shortcut I guess is usually harder. I went on a hike like that this summer, but unlike you we took one look at the climb ahead and decided to turn around. We didn't do it. That's great you did.

bingskee said...

oh, i am so scared of climbs, too! not my idea of fun. you can let me walk a thousand miles along an oval but not climb the mountains! but it is a fulfilling activity.

Mrs Mecomber said...

Whoooaaaa! That looks very scary! Hope those shoes are in good shape!

Thank you for visiting my Photo Hunt!

Mrs. Mecomber

shengy said...

i miss this kind of adventure tess..hope i can join you with your next plan..eheheheh..uwaw..

yes girl..i was there..i'm looking for you that time..ulaw lang ko makipag mingle..i was with my bf that time..

twinks said...

scary indeed!
i've always wanted to climb Mt. Apo when I was in college. however, I was so scared to death to try it.. hehee
take care :]

pao said...

omg, i can't ever find the guts to do that. i'm afraid of heights. :( ang naisip ko agad pag nakakakita ako ng ganyan... pano bababa. :( waaaaah.

neolle said...

Thanks for visiting my site!

I also love hiking.. I wonder when can I do that activity again.