Morning Banana Diet Frenzy in Japan

This is good news to our banana growers in Davao City and neighboring areas. Japan, whose 90% of banana source came from the Philippines, is going crazy with the Morning Banana Diet and is now gobbling tons of bananas faster than they can be replaced in the store stands.

The diet? Eating only bananas (as many as you want) and room-temperature water for breakfast to jumpstart weight loss. Eat anything for lunch and dinner until 8 pm. No deserts and bed before midnight.

According to research studies, eating breakfast will help in the pursuit of weight loss. But not only that, regulating and balancing one’s food intake is important, eating more fruits and vegetables and backed by regular exercise, weight loss is attainable.

So, am not impressed with the Morning Banana Diet. It’s just a fad. What about you?


mirage2g said...

Hihi. A friend of mine in Chiba said this craze is true, she went to the grocery to buy some for her mom in law but found none lol.

Bananas replenish one's energy easily, reason why most athletes eat them when training or very rarely as a snack during competition. But bananas and more fruits, less fats, that's for sure! ;-)

Jowell said...

I LOVE Bananas. Scratch that. I love almost every fruit. Had there been a society of Fruitarians, I would have been one of them! LOL.

Have a great weekend, mate! Cheers!

Ylan said...

woi, kalami sa saging!
pero magsakit man akong tiyan sige ra saging kan-on hehe!