My HP Photosmart 2610 Printer

…is unrepairable. That’s what the technician said to me the other day and it really was disappointing. The said printer has been with me for just about 3 years and was really not used as often as it should be. I started doing my scanning project early this year but the project took the backseat when I got busy with blogging. When I used it again the other month to scan a pic for one of my nieces’ school project, the picture came out hazy and I just thought that the glass just needed cleaning. After a few days, I tried printing a page of my niece’s school assignment but it won’t print.

I took my printer to a HP technician and I was told that the contact point was broken down and there’s no way they can replace it nor solder back it in place. They didn’t give me any alternative and just suggested that I should buy a new one. What???


Julie said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I see you are from the Phillipines. So is my sister-in-law!! Small world.

EastCoastLife said...

awwww.... that's sad.
Looks like you need to get a new one.

YTSL said...

That's sad! Hate it when technology breaks down after just a few years. I'm on my third HP printer -- my first two were great. Only gave them up because I moved, never because they broke down. Hoping for similar good experiences with my third one.

Joy said...

Another gastos for you!!!

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irel said...

i know how u feel. i hate it when things we need and use just breaks down!!
nice site btw:)