Davao bettor wins more than P131M

How does one spend the more than P131m in a lifetime? That has been our talk in the office yesterday.

I can sleep on them for a week and probably would end up not being able to sleep on every bill because it will likely look like an ocean. LOL! Oh yeah, I can buy a bank too! Maybe, pay our nation’s debt too? Nah! I would not want to give the corrupt politicians something to be happier about. One thing is sure if I win that staggering amount, at least 10% of the winnings shall all go to the charities.

The Superlotto bettor’s combination last Sunday’s draw was 42-12-46-26-49-19. The winning bettor bought his winning ticket just down the street where our office is located and it took him 20 minutes to claim his prize in Manila.

Now, I wonder if he still can sleep with all that money in the bank. By the way, I rarely bet on the lotto.


Jowell said...

Ohmigawd! 131 million??!?!!! Lucky guy! Hey, did you switch templates? Is it just me or there is something different? It looks a lot cleaner.

Claire said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To YOU, Happy Birthday to you!!! Many happy returns of the day, Tes! Aces to you, Claire

faye said...

goodluck hope yu win to pay our countries debt.....as you said..hehe