David Letterman Felt Like An Ugly Date

Obviously, Letterman felt peeved upon learning that Senator John McCain did not immediately go to Washington to attend the bailout plan meeting but instead he went to get interviewed by Kathie Couric of the other TV station. The presidential candidate was supposed to be the guest that same night but instead called Letterman to postpone his appearance with the alibi of going to the Washington immediately.

Just wondering how could Senator McCain did it if he has a prior agreement with Letterman. Whosoever on the same shoes of Letterman would actually get disappointed at the very least, or as Letterman said, he felt like an ugly date.

Here’s David Letterman’s riff on Senator John McCain due to the latter’s non-appearance on his show:

Further, as McCain would rather postpone his debate with Obama today, there is doubt when they will be having their first debate in the future. I sure hope the debate will push through soonest as I think it will be going to be very interesting.