94 days before Christmas and the First day of Fall 2008

We are starting to have some Christmas whiff of air nowadays. We have more cold winds and overcast skies during days and even colder nights. Christmas season always gets me nostalgic amidst colorful, noisy albeit expensive celebration. It is because within a few days from Christmas, the New Year will come and it’s another year to face. Nevertheless, I have resolved that I will enjoy the Christmas season as much as I can.

In the US, it’s the first day of fall 2008 or what is known as autumnal equinox. On this day, both the day and the night have the same length and is a cause for celebration in pagan belief. For me, I find autumn beautiful as the leaves of the trees start to change their colors. It is always quite awesome to see trees with different colors from green to yellow to orange to brown. And always, I cannot help but be reminded and believe that God has awesome powers.


Anonymous said...

my son is looking forward to play in the snow.

Manang Kim said...

Mismo!! God works wonders. Living here in MI I do have a chance to experience the work of Gods art. Every season has a different beauty and it amazes me so much.