My USA Trip

I can still recall vividly my first USA trip last 2001. An aunt was with me back then to attend the graduation of a cousin from West Point. After the graduation rites, we drove overland to Texas passing through several states. It was an amazing trip. The plan back then was to stay in Texas for a few days and get to Florida to spend some time there. My relatives have their favorite Orlando Hotels from their previous trips and knew the places to visit. I was excited for the trip considering that I would be able to see another good friend living there.

I am not sure when will I do my next trip to USA considering the travel plan with my friends for this year is to do the Europe tour. If not for the Europe tour, the USA tour it will be for me considering that my friends and relatives there have been inviting me for years now.

I thought of not returning after the expiration of my US visa but then, not one of my travel friends have been to USA. They have been checking out the Facebook and some other websites for the hotels and the places to visit in the US. They thought it fair and more fun that I should return with them on their first trip there. Of course, I could not disagree.


Ron said...

I think you should return to the US with your friends, because you can act like their "tour guide" (since you know so much already!) but it will be a whole different experience with friends rather than relatives.