Missing Meme

I was supposed to do the PhotoHunt meme on Saturdays but when it's owner decided to stop it, I decided to stop doing it after somebody took over. It was just not the same anymore.

There have been too many memes I've been to but there were just a few that I really liked, most of them have folded up unfortunately.

Memes helped me alot and am sure a lot of bloggers would agree, that it helps in filling a gap in the posts. Sometimes, it's easier to do the meme's weekly theme than just think of something to post about. Unfortunately, it's not easy to choose a meme that I really like. Anyway, after PhotoHunt's demise, am on the lookout for another one to fill its place.


The Social Frog said...

Do you do "Wordless Wednesday"? If you enjoy books, "Booking Through Thursday" is a good one too. Or how about "Aloha Friday"? Just a few suggestions, I am sorry if you do those already.