Doing Right Finally

He was encouraged to get automotive jobs because he was good with it but he wanted to be a businessman. It was a good plan if money was there but it was not and so he waited and bummed around. Meantime, he got older and poorer while most of his friends and classmates moved on and did well. He was left behind.

After so many years of bumming around with his friends, my brother is doing something right. Finally. I can only pray that he will not stop until he is done. Amazing how a person could change throughout the years. He was more aggressive in finding work when he was single and younger. He did everything just to earn some money. He worked as a laborer, cook, waiter, and a whole lot more. He did well in all of them but always, boredom got the upperhand and he was off to another job. We encouraged him to finish his college studies but he preferred going somewhere and returning empty-handed while his children were growing. Now that the eldest is on her way to college, he decided to get back to schooling again in his 40s. I can only heave a sigh of relief but I shall be happiest if he gets a stable job and stop worrying my mother too much.