Blast On Their Noise

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and the unwanted noise from the neighbors might happen again. These neighbors have this habit of turning on their television and/or radio at full blast even on ungodly hours. In some days like when they have parties or celebrations, the noises from their speakers go on day in and day out. For somebody who is an insomniac, getting those elusive winks are much too precious for me to waste but how can I can get my sleep when our dear neighbors are blasting out the peace and quiet of the night. Complaints were already lodged but they only get quiet for a time and after a few days, they get back to their noise.

I can tolerate the loud music during daytime but during evenings when peace and quiet should rule, it is another story. A friend’s advice might be a very good one because she tried it on their previous neighbor and it worked. What she did was she changed her old speakers from those really big ones and took care to buy the good quality ones with center channel speaker for crisp and clear sound. She faced the speakers to the neighbor’s direction and cranked the speakers to the maximum. Of course, she covered her ears with cotton balls to minimize the noise. A few minutes after, the neighbor got the message and toned down their speakers. After that incident, the neighbor was more considerate with their noise.