Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The movie theatre was full and finding a seat took me awhile. Some people were already standing at the back. While the crowd is predominantly male, females and children came also in full force. Finally, the much-awaited latest installment of the engaging Autobots entitled Transformers: Dark of the Moon has come. I would not give any spoilers but all I can say is, the more than 2 hours spent inside the theatre was a lot of fun and well-spent. people laughed and cried with Sam Witwicky as he struggled to fight and survive against Megatron and cohorts.

Shia LeBeouf’s new screen partner Rose Huntington-Whiteley is sexy and registers well on the screen but I am still more partial with Megan Fox. I still find the chemistry between Shia and Megan is stronger on screen than the Shia with Rose. Nonetheless, the movie is real a must-see. At the end of the showing, the audience clapped and hooted their appreciation.


k-ivs said...

huhu.. walang sine sa aming.. how poor...