My 1008th post

Goodness, how time flies. Years ago, I was thinking of having a giveaway if I reach my 1000th post but that was because I never thought I could reach 1000 blog posts. But here I am, this is my 1008th! and the 1000th post came and went quietly with me forgetting to organize the blog giveaway. So sorry! Perhaps I could do it on my 2000th (fingers crossed..)

I learned a lot from blogging. I earned some money too but more than that, I met new friends and also, somehow I learned something new about myself. Whatever others say especially the negative remarks about blogging, I still find it interesting and such a good learning process.

So, what am I looking forward for this blog? Learn some more and perhaps, earn some more. God knows, I need that nowadays.


kayni said...

Congratulations and more blogging to come :)