Ruby Tuesday#106 Red Coolers



The coolers for Coca-cola products were strategically placed near the cashier's booth. So, the excuse of not getting a softdrink or some cold drinks can easily be eliminated.

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kayni said...

I heard it's a sale strategy for companies, but their coolers are red and cool looking. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Felisol said...

The Coca Cola Company are masters of sales strategies.
Who can resist the temptation of a cool one after finishing the great grocery round.
Not this gal.

imriz said...

strategically place, agree, agree...very tempting, indeed,esp on hot days:)

Liz said...

Great shots! Groceries use a lot of strategies to lure their customers to buy a lot and we always bite the bait. :)

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Maria @ LSS said...

Lots of red coolers! Happy RT!

Mine's here.