PhotoHunt#145 Backwards In Sohoton Cove, Siargao


The current by the entrance of the jellyfish sanctuary of Sohoton cove, Siargao was quite strong. Enough to pull the boat backwards and this is why two boatmen in each boat had to paddle hard to avoid getting carried away. The hard work paid off though as the place was really enchanting, unique and beautiful. More photos of the jellyfish sanctuary are here

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Jenn said...

Ang ganda! I really love your travels, nakakainggit!

Visiting here from The Bloggers Exchange.

Liz said...

Ang ganda dyan! I hope I can visit someday.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Liz @ MLC

jams o donnell said...

Excellent take on the theme. I love the idea of a jellyfish sanctuary

mariposa said...

Such a beautiful place and great take on the theme. I hope I can go there someday, too.

Mariposa's PH!

layana said...

That looks fun! Sohoton Cove is a great place for these kinds of water adventures indeed.