RubyTuesday#107 Shawarma Meal



It was a Sunday and we decided to check out the newly-opened Abreeza Mall. After doing some walking inside, we got hungry. We decided to just eat our dinner there instead of snacks but the restaurants and even the food court were full. Then, we saw people flocking on this Shawarma stall just outside Robinson's Supermarket. We decided to try it out of curiosity and laziness to cook dinner.


They deep fried the ingredients (soy sauce, carrots, thin-sliced cabbage, green peas, corn, rice, pork or beef), put it in a paper bowl, squirted a few mayonnaise and a choice of adding a sunny side up egg on top of it all.


Although a bit oily for me, it was a good dinner.

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George said...

This sounds like a pretty good Sunday meal to me.

shierylssi said...

waaahhh...gigutom ko ug tan aw...na imagine daun nako ang kahumot aning leylam...haist