X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Among the mutants, Wolverine has always been my favorite. When it was adapted on film, I loved Wolverine more. Thanks to Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman fits Wolverine to the t.

I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine just tonight and the anticipation and interest generated by the movie prior to its showing is really well-founded. Hugh Jackman is really a good actor with a body to die for. He IS Wolverine. He was able to show Wolverine’s rage, independent spirit, athleticism and even his gentle side.

The action scenes are quite awesome and I can really symphatize with Hugh’s despair and frustration when the work print of the said movie leaked days before the showing date because the movie is really quite good. So, for this Labor day holiday weekend. Get on and check out the movie. It is really worth watching.