The Amazing Susan Boyle

I have seen and heard Lea Salonga sang I Dreamed A Dream. I have always find the song beautiful. However, when I saw Susan Boyle sang the same song at the Britain’s Got Talent, I was flabbergasted.

With her simple looks and unassuming ways, one would not know that Susan Boyle could really sing beautifully. So much so that looking at Simon Cowell’s reaction was a priceless thing to see.

My first reaction upon seeing Susan Boyle getting interviewed prior to her amazing performance was she was just the female version of American Idol’s William Hung. Happily, she proved me and everyone quite wrong with her jaw-dropping performance. Right now, Ms. Boyle is enjoying immense popularity in the internet especially on youtube. Her previous recording of a cover song entitled Cry Me A River has been dug up and I tell you, it’s another beautiful rendition from the now famous Ms. Boyle, go here..


Corey~living and loving said...

I saw it last week, and loved it. especially that she proved everyones bias' to be wrong.

odin said...

wooo, I was dumbfounded and gives me the shivers.. it just shows how we could not judge things until we hear em out! I don't normally watch this but you got me curious so thanks....