Swine Flu, Pandemic Potential?

I was listening to the TV news while blogging tonight when the swine flu news caught my attention. According to the report, there are already 81 people in Mexico who died of swine influenza virus. The scarier thing is the swine flu that is affecting Mexico and parts of USA have the pandemic potential according to the news.

In the Philippines, airports now are being closely monitored but it is not really such an assurance for me because our country being an archipelago, people can come and go almost undetected. People are now being encouraged to be more vigilant and to be more careful with their health.

Let us just pray that this disease shall be contained soonest to prevent it from spreading further


the donG said...

saw this in the news too. it has been affecting both north and south america. what's good is it's now being controlled.

kegler747 said...

I hope it would not be a pandemic. I just got my annual flu vaccine but it is useless for the swine flu

burn said...

I just wish, it will stop. It will not spread too much.