Looking for Web Host and More

I went to a birthday party of a friend’s son the other day. The mom of the cute and playful birthday boy was instrumental in getting me started in blogging, I can say that she is our blogging godmother. Along with other officemates, we started our individual blogs months ago and eventually, earned slowly.

Our blogging godmother advised us that better opportunities are more available to bloggers who have their own domain name. I have been thinking of finding my own domain name and at the same time, I have also been looking for some cheap web hosting since I started blogging early this year but I can’t seem to make up my mind to finalize it.

So, here I am, checking out web hosting reviews to find the right web host for my blog. I have been asking around to other website developers and bloggers. Some of them have given confusing answers and right now, I am still in the same predicament as I was when I started; am still using sub-domains for my two blogs.

It is a good thing that I found this site that has the Top 10 Web Hosting reviews and also their articles that discusses a lot about domains, web hosting and a whole more. This is really quite helpful for a newbie like me who sometimes feel overwhelmed by all these high-tech mumbo jumbo.