Job Interviews

I have had my share of good and bad interviews all through my working life, a lot of them I conducted myself and in some cases, I was the interviewee. Some were just forgettable and some were memorable but not necessarily good. Some interviewers are comfortable to interact with that it gives a feeling that you were just having a good conversation over a cup of coffee while others, can be very rudely inquisitive to the point of getting arrogant that all you would want to do is walk out of the room.

Anyway, there’s this 5-minute survey about your interview experience, whether good or bad and whether you were the interviewer or interviewee. I already took it and I find it quite interesting. You can Click here to take the survey. It gets more interesting as you might have the chance to win an Apple iPod touch.

One thing that stands out for me about interviews is that you can gauge the people you are going to work with and how will they fit in to your working life in the way they handle or interact with you in the interview session.

I believe that, the interviewer has the advantage in an interview session, as he/she is the one trying to evaluate if the interviewee is the best candidate for the position being considered and it is the interviewee’s job to convince or persuade that he/she is.

Of the most recent interview I have ever had, one stand out as it was very unpleasant. It had me thinking of walking out right there and then. One of the panel interviewers was rude to the point of being arrogant. He may have been trying to clarify an issue but the way he threw the question, it was totally uncalled for. He could have forgotten that he was in an office environment and nuances are quite important and could get magnified from a more subdued office environment’s point of view. I came out feeling verbally harassed and battered.