It's all about me tag

Thank you, Joy Oz and Yza for this tag.

The object is to complete each of the following snippets.

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I am: single.

I think: I need some change in my life.

I know: all of you are sick about tag but they are still nice to do it.
I have: a loving and supportive family, wonderful friends, and a good career. What else can I ask for? Someone to get committed with me? Hmmmm…

I wish: I can travel to US this year.
I hate: people who use their position to do what they want to the predicament of others.

I miss: the beach and the mountains.
I fear: losing loved ones.
I hear: drum rolls as our city is celebrating our Kadayawan festival this week.

I smell: durian somewhere.
I crave: for halo-halo, yummy!
I search: Google for everything.
I wonder: when am I going to follow through some of my plans.
I regret: not being able to travel as often as I want to.
I love: books, traveling, watching movies, taking pictures, blogging and doing new things from time to time.

I ache: for something that I do not have. (ano iyon? Secret!)
I am not: as confident as people think and see.
I believe: in fairness and equality.
I dance: when I hear a good beat.
I sing: when I feel good or when I am bored.

I cry: when I'm so mad.
I fight: for my rights.
I win: not all the battles in life. But, I learned something in all those battles.
I lose: always in raffles (may pagka-malasin, hehehe!)
I never: want to lose purpose in life.

I always: try to look at the brighter side of things.
I confuse: real friends from mere acquaintances (but I have learned my lesson well).
I listen: when someone is talking. Maybe, that’s why they listen too when I am talking.

I can usually be found: at the tennis court on Sunday mornings.

I am scared: horror movies, creepy creatures and living without a purpose.
I need: a part-time job.
I am happy about: my page rank on my first blog.
I imagine: there could be world peace and no global warming (pang-beauty queen ang answer no?).

I tag: everybody in my blogroll