Five Things I Want to Do Before I Get Old

Yes, am getting old but am not that old yet. At least, am not on the senior citizen category yet. However, I can already feel my cells slowing down even my body resistance is not the way it used to be. So, that's why am coming up with my sort of a bucket list of five things I want to do before I get old. Here they are:

1. Do the World Tour or at the very least, the Europe Tour. I almost did it two years ago but a family emergency made me cancel my Europe Tour reservations.

2. Scuba dive. The introductory dive lesson I had in Miniloc, Palawan years ago was just awesome. It was supposed to be 10-minute dive but because the instructor saw me really having a grand time, he extended the lesson to almost up to 30 minutes.

3. Sky dive. I know I might be screaming my tonsils out for this extreme activity but what the heck, I'll just do it anyway.

4. See a very good friend abroad.  Can't say more.

5. Have my own business. Reality is kicking in that I'm getting old and while I may have some retirement pay when I retire, I don't think it'll be enough last me through until my twilight years. Running my own profitable business will ensure that I won't be having financial difficulties during my senior years.

This post is part of the BC bloggers meme and the host is >ielenna.