Tuesday Travels#39 Davao's David

It caused quite a furor when it was erected years ago. Conservatives wanted him covered decently while freedom of expression lobbyists lobbied for its original state wearing nothing but his birth suit. Also, several issues came out about its location but after a lot of hullabaloo, its owners won over and development around its area continued.

Nowadays, the statue of David located along the Times Beach of this city is a favorite hang-out among the locals.  It has become a sort of a must-see place too among the city's visitors.




emzkie said...

haha pagkakita nako ani na thumbnail ba mahadlok ko mu click! haha.. grabe no wala ko ani sa pinas pag tukod ani. na shock gud ko pag uli nako pag kakita nako. maau kay na approve. lol

visiting from TT, heres mine

Merydith said...

I can't imagine kong si David mag brief or mag shorts lol! Maayo gani kay ni daug ang owner. David has to be let alone. Thanks for sharing this sis. I have been to Davao before pero wa ko kabantay ani. Maybe recently like in. TT hopping from http://www.inin78.com/2012/06/navy-pier-chicago-illinois.html

Jessica Cassidy said...

awwww! it is so biggggggggggggg I mean David's statue lol :-) There is one also in our city but never visited it yet :-) Dropping by from Tuesday Travels.

Leah H. said...

Pretty interesting:)

Visiting for Tuesday Travels- hope you can stop by:)


Travelholic said...

David who? Lol. Is this a different David from the Bible? Anyway, That's a nice sculpture but I understand the conservatives' point of views, too. 2008 was my last hop in Davao, wa pa ko kakita ani.

Thanks for joining TT last week! Please join again; linky for this week is now up!