Excited To Have Bourne Identity

Finally, it is going to be shown worldwide this coming August 3, 2012. I am quite excited about it especially that I’ve seen its movie trailer showing scenes from Manila streets such as that of EDSA, Sta. Ana area, Leveriza and those tight alleyways. Bourne Identity is helping bring Philippines to Hollywood and international attention. I am excited about it and am sure, a lot of our countrymen too. Not only will it bring to light a country differently (hopefully, positively) but it has also been a very good learning experience (as based on the interviews of Filipino actors, actresses and crews hired for the movie). A big bonus is that I’ve read and liked all the Bourne books and so far, the previous movie installments with Matt Damon as its lead actor did not disappoint. So far, I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Jeremy Renner’s previous acting assignments. Thus, waiting is long to have Bourne Identity this coming August.