And Pacquiao Lost

Pacquiao could have retired from the brutal sport. But even if he started going into the politics, he stayed on in boxing garnering several awards and facing mighty opponents along the way. For several years, he seemed untouchable. Millions of dollars lined thick on his pockets but he continued with his quests. I could hear in my mind his mother's pleas to stop his boxing and concentrate on his other projects and political career. He continued training relentlessly almost ruthlessly.

This past Sunday, Bradley won over Pacquiao. A split decision. It was a shock and the entire nation howled their protests. Pacquiao himself was almost stoic. Sure, he is due for rematch again Bradley but the pride lost? Coach Roach is requesting for investigation. Like Mommy Dionesia said..I say, let's do the rematch! And knock him out good, Pacquiao!