Tuesday Travels#40 The Oblation

Another dream came true for me, it was a long time coming but it did come true. I would have been happier if my father was around to see that indeed, I got to the school we both wanted for me to attend.  I stayed in the University of the Philippines Diliman campus for almost a month. A work-related study-training but I tried to take as much opportunity as I can to walk around the campus.

Of course, I could not miss the iconic Oblation. Never mind if most of the time, it was raining.  The monument is located in front of the Admin Building. The few times that I have been there, runners/joggers were there stretching out.

The marker near the monument is a passage from our national hero's book, El Filibusterismo. I have yet to translate what it says though.



emzkie said...

wow thats great! thanks for sharing your experience!

traveling with you from Tuesday travels!


chubskulit said...

Such a grand entrance, love the slide show as well. Visiting from Travel Tuesday.

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Pinx said...

iconic it is. a blind witness to so many oblation runs... hehehe... hubby went to UP, but in the Cebu campus though. would really love to see this in person too... visiting from TT!

Jheylo said...

super iconic... i stayed in manila for 4 months and i think i've seen this. couldn't remember because i was in a moving car at the time. it wasn't really a tour in UP so i can hardly remember.

anyway, my TT is up, so late but never too late hehehhe http://sandiegowithlovebyjerla.com/2012/07/deep-sea-fishing-at-the-coronado-island-mexico.html hope to see you

Travelholic said...

Wow UP!!! This spot looks so familiar although I have never been here! Lol. Great snap, though! I love the greenery! I am glad you've visited the place one more time!

Thanks for joining last week's TT. Please join again, if you haven't yet. Linky for this week is now up! :)