Stock Market Earnings

In college, lessons about stocks and bonds made my head swim.  Let me read a lot of books but not about these topics. I know people get rich from it but I also know that a lot had their life changed for the worse because of it. Thus, my interest on stocks waned before I even started getting interested. But, a few years back an officemate's stories on stock market earnings made me think twice.

So, when an oil company offered its initial public offering years ago. The chance to invest in stocks seemed attractive enough for me to buy the minimum just to test the waters.  Unfortunately, my first foray into stock investment did not do good and my discouragement deepened.

Fast forward into the future...one of our teachers in our recently concluded almost month-long study was quite knowledgeable in stock investments that my interest started again. The renewed interest was triggered  when he said if he wanted to, he could retire comfortably enough just living out from his stock market earnings. A lightbulb came up. Well,  that should be lightbulbs judging by the questions thrown to our teacher about the stock market investments and stock market earnings. He was quite nice enough to give a few helpful tips and now, I am now visualizing how to retire comfortably just from my future stock market earnings. Hopefully, I won't get burned again.