Public Smooches And The Like

There is something about public displays of affection that reactions could get selective. At least, from my point of view. I cringe on public display of affection if the protagonists are couples at the very young age (i.e. teens, students especially while wearing their school uniforms. Somehow, those public smooches make me say “eeeew!” and almost always, I just can’t stop wondering if the youngsters involved ever considered the consequences should the smooches advance into something more judging by how they get passionate with their public smooches.

I remember our first foreign travel years and years ago. We were in Hongkong and oh boy, it was a culture shock. Not only there were some public displays but there were some couples who would rather not wait to get to their own bed. A standout was a couple of high school students who were passionately exchanging saliva at the back of our seat while we were riding the public train. We could see them through the mirror and the trainful of people was oblivious to the “exciting” event. On the other hand, we were busy trying to get a glimpse as the girl started to sit on the boy’s lap. Can you believe that? Heaven knows, what could’ve their parents done if they saw what was going on.

I also cringe at couples who look like they are married. Not to each other but to somebody else but still are not shy about showing their affection to each other publicly. That’s another eeww!

Old couples’ public displays of affection are another matter for me especially those small, tender moments that show that indeed real love after all those years together could happen. Am sure, they had their bad moments together and it is more common for old couples to get cranky at each other (I had seen my share from my family members). So, if they are still capable of holding each other’s hands while simply talking or walking side by side even through rickety, old knees and short fuse of patience, I am so encouraging them than those young, still-got-milk-on their-lips couples who had no qualms in showing off their passion to each other publicly.