Tuesday Travels#2 The Favorite Hang-Out

One of my favorite hang-outs is the airport waiting area. Strange as it may seem, but it is the place where I know I will be going some place different or new or probably,  I will be on my way home after some adventures. I have gone through and even stayed for hours in a lot of airports. Over time, a lot of changes made these places not just something to pass through but airports have become more interesting with their modern designs and features.

One airport that comes to mind is the Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Not only is it accessible with the world's first commercial MagLev train but also the airport's long (almost neverending corridors) kept me feeling awed every time I pass through it. 

Of course, staying for hours in airports would not be complete without staying in another of my favorite hang-outs, the airport restaurants. They could be expensive sometimes but the food can be really good like this pasta we had in one of the restaurants inside Shanghai airport.



wifetoalineman02 said...

How I wish I could step the NAIA airport soon. I do missed the Philippines so much, my beloved country. Dropping by for Tuesday Travel. Do you mind dropping by at my house too http://www.tropical7107islands.com/2011/06/the-pool-is-my-families-favorite-hang-out.html

Take care,

Rcel said...

Wow! Just so interesting! I feel the same-- the waiting part, like sitting at the waiting area of the airport gives me the excitement of arriving somewhere new, but there's that eerie feeling, too, when i think of the place i'm leaving behind. :D yours is a thought worth pondering! i'm glad i've dropped by here earlier; nice start for the day! :)

Visiting late for TT. The Central WI Children's Museum is our fave hangout these days because of our young explorer! You can come and join us in the fun! :)

raya said...

yeah, airports give us a super sense of excitement!! late TT visit. here is mine http://culturemedley.com/2011/06/28/my-fave-resto/

The Travel Diva said...

it's funny, but i also like to go to the airport. i used to go with my husband when he's picking up guests at the Kuala Lumpur Int's Airport because i loved it there...

but with airasia going to the budget airport.. it's not very exciting anymore... unless my peronal friends or family members are coming to visit.

thanks for joining last week's tuesday travels. next week's theme is your fave beach destination. in case you wanna know ahead. :D