Birthday Gifts For June Birthdays

I was so happy early tonight to find some really good buys while looking for some birthday gifts at the mall.

June is a month when I have a lot of friends who will be celebrating their birthdays. Thus, I went looking for some birthday gifts around the mall tonight. Thankfully, just a few people were inside the mall that I was able to browse without much disturbance.

My first stop was at the wine store. An acquaintance invited me to her birthday party by the end of this month. I heard from a mutual friend that she likes wine gifts the most so I went browsing inside the wine store hoping to find something the birthday girl would like. There were some interesting wine accessories in the store and even saw a corkscrew that she might like. The last time I attended a party in her house, she took out some of her wines and showed off her beautiful wine glass collection. But then, she also likes books so off I went to the bookstore.

Another friend whose birthday is also happening this June likes to read. So, I thought I might shoot two birds in one stone and decided to look for books as birthday gifts. I found Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol and bought it for my friend. Hopefully, she will like it. I found some more books that I like too and they were on sale! I ended up buying two more books for my own reading and for another friend’s birthday. Out of the budget but still, they were such good buys! It was a good thing that the Harry Potter books 6 and 7 were not sale. I might end up buying those too.

In the meantime, I will have to buy the corkscrew for the acquaintance. I think, she will like it better than the books. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a sale day before her birthday comes.