PhotoHunt#141 Informative

Long before Carlos Celdran became more popular regarding his RH bill stand and encounters with the Catholic Church, he was already quite well-known for his Walk This Way tour. The half-day Intramuros tour was featured several times in TV shows and got really rave reviews. However, it took me several tries because of time constraints before I could finally get into the tour.


A combination of theatrics, humor and really informative knowledge of Intramuros (which by the way, you can't find in any history books), Carlos Celdran was able to hold the interest of his audience while taking his visitors for a walk and a calesa-ride inside the old-walled Intramuros. If you're going to Manila and would like to try something new other than the perennial mall tours, Celdran's Walk This Way tour is a must. It is actually more interesting than walking mindlessly inside the malls.  For details of his tour, just go here.

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magiceye said...

does sound interesting

Luna Miranda said...

Carlos Celdran is quite a character, and i like him. I wish more Filipinos would be more vocal of their opinions on the RH Bill.:p

Julie said...

I've yet to join a tour, perhaps soon :)

Happy weekend!

My PH:


Sreisaat Adventures said...

Oh this is a fantastic leaflet! Reminds of the vintage adverts of long ago. I wish I could get on his tour when I go on holiday.

upto6only said...

i know this. I was able to attend to Carlos Celdran's Intramuros Tour. Very Funny and informative.

Anonymous said...

WOW - what a lot of information there. Good capture for this week's theme.

jams o donnell said...

It sounds great. The advert definitely makes you want to take the tour. Have a great weekend

Ann said...


free news paper?