Death She Calls

I was reading a national newspaper, The Philippine Star, while waiting for our pizza order inside Pizza Hut today. The columnist, Barbara C. Gonzales, was talking about how she welcomes death. A refreshing point of view considering that there are people I know who would rather not die and had even wondered about finding the fountain of youth.  I admire Ms. Gonzales' courage and acceptance. For me, I'm still processing that possibility and it might take a long time.

The recent death of my father and the reality of numbers piling year after year we call age, got me thinking more about death. Ms. Gonzales got me encouraged that death should not be seen as something dreadful but a journey. Not only that, the possibility of living alone should not be worried upon even if my mother has been emphasizing that it is not good to live alone.

Death she calls...I wish I can easily do that when my time comes. In the meantime, I pray for guidance and enlightenment throughout my journey.