Missing The Pasig River Ferry

I really wish I was able to get to ride the Pasig River Ferry. I saw one of their ferry stations in Guadalupe and I was looking forward to ride on it going to Intramuros. I called their office yesterday and I was told that there are some issues that they are working on; thus, the temporary stoppage of the ferry operation.

Pasig River was part of my childhood. Those were the times that I've seen it got abused, made into a big, convenient garbage bin. The clean Pasig River that I've heard of, I've only known from the books I read. Lately though, a lot of people are taking some real interest in cleaning it up. Clean-up drives and run for Pasig events were just some activities done for the clean-up of the river. I've seen some recent photos of the better-looking Pasig River, that's why I have such interest in riding the Pasig River ferry. I do hope the operation will continue soon enough. That way, I would be able to experience a little about old Manila; hopefully, minus the smelly waters of Pasig river.


Biboy Ordinario said...

I do agree with you. Our rivers here had turned into a dark, smelly swamp like the river styx in Greek Mythology. But I'm still hoping that the Pasig river will gain its renaissance :) Joining eco-friendly activities like the Pasig River Run 10-10-10 is a good start :)