I Don’t Care

I like 2NE1’s song, I Don’t Care but if those words are applied to some things that one should really care about, it becomes annoying. One of my nieces’ standard line nowadays is “I don’t care.” You tell her to fix her school things as they are strewn around the floor, “I don’t care.” You tell her to wash her undies properly as they look more like dirty rags than her undies, she acts “I don’t care.” You expect her to be absent from her band practice for a few days because her grandpa was sick in the hospital and there would be nobody to look for sister at home, she went on to her practice and probably said to herself “I don’t care.”

The list goes endless. Sometimes, I just scratch my head and just let her be. Other times especially when my mother starts to fuss and worry about her granddaughter’s irritating ways, it becomes totally annoying. What’s more annoying is that her father could’ve helped in disciplining his daughter but hey, the way he has been acting…it all says “I don’t care.”