All Came From The Philippines

We were in the taxi on our way to the Singapore flyer. I was busy taking photos with my Canon DSLR in the front seat. The elderly driver complimented me on my camera and said that his son also has the same brand. Then, he said “Why are you here in Singapore? It is all manmade, not very beautiful.” We contradicted him that it’s beautiful and very modern. It looked like its people are living a good life.

He said, “No, the people are poor here but our government are rich. All things here are imported from your country, mostly. You should have not visited Singapore.”

We were all amused and as for myself, I was taken aback. It was the first time that a non-Filipino contradicted his own country. Quite refreshing, really.

A friend from the back of the taxi said, “Not all of your country is manmade. The orchids from your botanical garden are so pretty.”

The taxi driver smiled, “They originally came from the Philippines.”

I said, “The birds in Jurong Bird Park are just so exquisite and colorful.”

He grinned, “They came from the Philippines.”

Another friend from the back of the taxi rejoined, “The barbecues in Lau Pa Sat are just so delicious!”

He smirked, “The meat came from the Philippines. You know, too many Filipino tourists come here everyday to visit Singapore but don’t you know that what you see are mostly came from the Philippines. Don’t return here next time to spend money. It’s such a waste.”

We all erupted in laughter but I saw that he was serious with his advise. I said to him, “Your tourism board will get mad at you.”

He conceded, “Ok, you may return but don’t waste your money here. Just spend your money in your country.”

And next thing I know, we’re right in front the ticket office of Singapore flyer.


Avi said...

hala noh? as in jud? I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES jud!!! Salamat ani mam, murag feel nako mag-follow up post ani da...

shierylssi said...

hi mam tes...bisita rako.nice lagi xa na taxi driver.maka bukad ug atay..hehehe.