PhotoHunt#123 Hands

We were on our way to the hot spring hidden somewhere in the Hapao Terraces of Banaue. It'll be a long walk along the rice terraces, our guide said. Fine with us. After all, we went to Banaue and Sagada just to walk along those rice terraces. A dream I shared with some of my friends, a dream included in my bucket list. It would be a good opportunity to fulfill that, long trek or not. 


There were some interesting things to see along the way, while I tried not to fall off the rice terraces (I don't doing the mud bath). Kids were playing and running around I marvel at how easy they did it on the terraces. Small local communities almost barely touched by modern technology.

We passed by this guy while he was busy with his woodcarving. He didn't even stop from his work as I took his photo and asked him what he was carving. His hands were fast and sure, evidence that he has done it innumerable times. If only he had the available finished product. I would've bought one. He was carving a male hunter which was the perfect partner of a wood carving I already have. An Ifugao female carrying her baby on her native backpack.

A lot of Ifugao people turn to woodcarving during lull season in their farming activities. Woodcarving is also a source of income for them.


upto6only said...

we Filipinos are really very artistic and creative.

healingmagichands said...

Very interesting how he uses his feet too.

Randi said...

Great shots! I love watching skilled craftsmen. I wish I could use my feet like he is doing..."smile".

Carver said...

This was a very interesting post for the theme. I admire artisans so much.

Luna Miranda said...

oo nga, we almost have the same post.:P we have a lot of craftsmen in the country. in my job, i have personally seen how creative Filipino hands are.

Julie Shaw said...